Saturday, May 9, 2015

Modern Mythical Creature Posting Schedule/ Summer Challenges

Well, it's almost time to start posting the stories for the Modern Mythical Creature challenge! I'm really excited about this one because I had a great time writing my story and I have really enjoyed everyone else's that I have read so far. We got some really awesome submissions this time around!

Here is the posting schedule, so you can see what will be coming up for you in the coming weeks:

The Bane of Maine by Joseph Leskey-- May 11th
Mary Had a Little Lamb by Abigail Leskey-- May 13th
The Old Wardens by Hazel West-- May 15th
The Girl an the Leaf Dragon by Mara A.-- May 18th

I hope everyone will stop by to read all the stories we will have up and leave a comment for the writers :-)

And now on to the next:

This isn't an official Call for Writers yet as I don't have a specific challenge in mind for our next one, but I wanted to give everyone a head's up that I am planning to do short summer challenges, one for each month of summer, June, July and August. Anyone who has any ideas, let me know, and if you want to participate, please email me at I will have more details by the first week of June once I get back from BookCon so check back then!

Cheers, Hazel

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