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Hazel West

Besides being the coordinator of Modern Bard, Hazel is an indie author, avid reader, folklorist and coffee connoisseur. She loves best writing retellings and things with an air of the ancient (or not so ancient) supernatural, finding new ways to retell the old stories—sometimes mixing everything together but always with a good dash of brotherhood and friendship. When she’s not writing or reading, she can usually be found sketching, listening to music (classic folk, modern folk, classic rock, and other modern artists with a different taste to the norm) and feeding her obsession with BBC, crime, and Supernatural tv shows.

You can also find her author’s blog here:

Hazel's Stories

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Lizzie Meddler

Miss Meddler (A.K.A Mara A.) is a proud owner of a hedgehog (named Bilbo!), as well as a lifelong reader, musician  and writer. Until recently, short stories aren't her norm. But she's taking a break from novel writing and trying her hand at "the art of the short story". Miss Meddler is discovering that she enjoys it a great deal more than novel writing. When she isn't brainstorming her writing project,  she's reading, watching a lot of BBC period dramas and Attack on Titan, and preparing for the zombie apocalypse with rock climbing, kayaking, and kendo. Currently, Miss Meddler is hard at work on a project very close to her heart: a story series published via short story blog posts. You can find out more about Miss Meddler and her "serialized novel" -The Freelance Chronicles- by visiting the blog! 


Lizzie's Stories
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Abigail Leskey

Abigail H. Leskey is a writer who cooks her teabags and knits runes.

She can be found at:

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Caroline Keeth

Caroline Keeth is a bookworm through and through and an aspiring published author. She dabbles in other hobbies, her favorite being photography. You can usually find her daydreaming about her stories or wondering what her future holds. She has a love for people and reaching out in any way she can to those around her. She is known for her love of Doctor Who and most any Disney movie and she suffers from a severe case of wanderlust (Ireland and England specifically.) She loved history, but she dreads writing historical pieces, so you can bet most of her writings will be futuristic, contemporary, or completely made up worlds. Her writing influences include: Steven Moffat, Joss Whedon, Leigh Bardugo and Suzanne Collins.

You can find Caroline on her blog and Twitter at:

Caroline's Stories


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Joseph Leskey

Joseph Leskey is a philosopher, chemist, martial artist, illusionist, reader, author, poet, photographer, collector, programmer, graphic designer, INTP, private investigator, organizer, filmmaker, tea connoisseur, inventor, strategist, 3D artist, animator, meteorologist, linguist, etc. He enjoys thinking, good food, folk music, technology, being “idle,” watching movies, using weapons, 24-hour time, staying at home, predicting, debating, learning, logic, intelligence, nature, mystery science, challenges, etc. He favors premodern ways, Linux, libre software, standard programming languages, (of movies) The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit, the color green, the numbers ten, one, and zero, e-books, mystery/adventure/urban fantasy/scientific text/history stories, complex plots, etc. He can usually be found idle and thinking in the mornings and staying awake, alert, and happy to anywhere from midnight to four A.M. He can also be found eating, thinking, using his computer, watching a movie, reading, practicing the martial arts, mowing the lawn, and not much else.

Joseph's Stories

The Bane of Maine
Valor By Fire
A Tale of Serpents and Stars
The Chronicles of Kent
The Piano Thief
A Talented Diversion

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Marlene Simonette

Marlene Simonette is a girl who tries to be a light in the world. She loves books, good food, and despite the weirdness of her family has remained sane. Oh, wait, she's a writer, so scratch the sanity. She's crazy.
She has two blogs, one where she publishes short stories and the other for miscellany and life.

You can find her author's blog at:

Marlene's Stories

Anne Leskey

Anne Leskey enjoys writing, particularly fairy tales, and reading, her interests in book styles varying from Little Woman to The Lord of the Rings. She also likes plants, animals, cooking, bicycling, gardening, and looking at magazines and catalogs. Movie interests can be anywhere from Cartoons to Period Dramas to The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit.

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E. E. Rawls

E.E Rawls is a full-time author currently residing in New England. Europe is the source of her writing inspiration, after having lived in Italy for six years. A Time spent road-tripping through the Alps, exploring ruins and dungeons, wandering Victorian towns and tucked-away villages, discovering their hidden legends. She now lives off of coffee, games, and bookshelves, with goals to one day master the arts of drawing, riding a dragon, and speaking Tolkien's language of the Elves. Sign up for her newsletter http://eepurl.com/2F36f so you don't miss out when her book Stayborn debuts! 
Website: www.rawlse.wordpress.com

E. E. Rawls' Stories

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Benjamin Leskey
Benjamin Leskey enjoys writing fantastical literature based in worlds of his own invention, focusing upon odd powers and twisted natural laws. He is
also a computer programmer with several languages in his repertoire,
experimenting with programs ranging from small kernels to spacecraft

Benjamin's Stories

Black Stone of Tek-Fremsel
Winged Claws Are Quite Harmless

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Deborah O'Carroll 
Deborah O’Carroll is a writer of fantasy of all kinds, a blogger, reviewer, punctuation enthusiast (a.k.a. freelance editor), budding web-designer, and list addict. She loves all things Celtic, Faerie, and Tolkien, and believes that Diana Wynne Jones books are gold. You can usually find her typing away at one of her many novels, endlessly rearranging her bookshelves, or haunting library book-sales. She is secretly a chocolate-loving otter.

Find her online at:
http://deborahocarroll.wordpress.com/ (The Road of a Writer: writing/life blog)

Deborah's Stories

A Tale of Two Boxes

~ ~ ~

I've been writing since 2011. It started out as FanFictions from movies before the year of 2013-present when I started writing original stories. Each story had inspirations from movies to real life places. I write mystery stories that are Rated G. So far, I've self-published a book for my senior project in 2016 and I'm planning to do more in the future.

Shine's Stories

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