Friday, December 16, 2016

Winter Writing Challenge: "A Single Snowflake" -- by E. E. Rawls

Here is a winter themed poem from our newest member, E E Rawls, so welcome her to the group!

A Single Snowflake
By E. E. Rawls

A single snowflake drifts alone
Falling from the clouds of its birth
From a world of gray and white.
All is silent, the air still, no stirring of life
As the snowflake drifts farther, farther down
To touch upon the foreign surface that is ground.
The snowflake can feel its limbs soon melting,
The core of its being heated by the grassy surface,
Soon it will disappear, never to be remembered,
A lonely speck of white.
Just as the snowflake begins to accept its sad fate
Something white floats from the grayness overhead,
Followed by another something, and then another:
Snowflakes are drifting down
A gathering of all shapes and sizes
To land upon the ground alongside the single snowflake.
The snowflake felt its core cool and its melting cease
As together the combined ice of many snowflakes
Lowered the surface temperature.
The snowflake looked about, left and right
Surrounded by others, knit closely with them,
And a new feeling took hold in its core.
There was one thing that did melt away:
And that was the solitude.
As the snowflakes layered firmly together as one
Children laughed and played in their fluffy white,
Snowmen were built, snowballs were thrown,
Winter had arrived
Building the bonds of new friendships and family,

Even for a single snowflake.


  1. I really loved this poem :) It had lots of feels, and was very atmospheric. I love it when writers can take an inanimate thing and truly make the reader feel for it, which I definitely did for the snowflake :)

  2. I enjoyed reading the poem. And I'm glad The Snowflake didn't melt.

  3. A very nice poem! And, yes, it is very gladdening that the snowflake didn't melt. :D

    1. Thanks, Joseph. :) I tried to imagine what a snowflake would feel if it could feel. :)

  4. It's lovely to see a new writer on TfaMB! I liked that the protagonist was unusual, and the parallel between togetherness in snowflakes and in people.

    1. Thanks so much, Abigail! I figured a snowflake as a protagonist hasn't been done before. :) The holidays have a togetherness theme, so I wanted to weave that through the story.
      I'm happy to have joined the group this round!

  5. Oh I'm so glad this didn't end the way I thought it would. ^.^
    Definitely a unique voice, and lovely poem.
    My favorite lines:
    "There was one thing that did melt away:
    And that was the solitude."
    "Winter had arrived
    Building the bonds of new friendships and family..."

    It was great to have you for the challenge! :D


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