Sunday, September 28, 2014

Dictionary Word Challenge/ Call For Writers

Well, it's nearly the end of September and it's time to post the stories for the Dictionary Word Challenge for this month. If you missed it, I picked ten words at random from the dictionary and we had to incorporate them into a story. I'm really excited to post the stories because we got some very cool and varied results from the words that were picked:

1. Carpenter
2. Ginger
3. Natural
4. Aloft
5. Stretcher
6. Mire
7. Justice
8. Feat
9. Nomad
10. Throb

Now for the posting schedule:

Shadows: Caroline Keeth-- September 29th
Easy: Abigail Leskey-- September 30th
Conventional Issues: Hazel West-- October 2nd

And if you still want to do this challenge, feel free to do so and post on your blog or wherever and drop me the link so I can read what you came up with :)

And now it's time for our next:

Our next challenge was provided by Abigail and is going to be to write a story about a historical ruler. Whether it's a Roman emperor, a queen or barbarian chieftain, anything goes. This challenge will run though December. I'll be back with more specific dates in a later post after the Dictionary Challenge stories are posted. If you're interested in joining in the next challenge, let me know now, so I can start getting a head count.

Until then, I hope you will all come back to check out the current challenge stories :-)

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