Sunday, August 24, 2014

Classic Authors Challenge/ Call For Writers

It's nearly time to post the results of Modern Bard's most recent challenge! This time we wrote stories that involved a classic author, and I think we've done some pretty interesting stuff this time, if I do say so myself! Here's a schedule of the titles and when they will be posted:

The Curse of Oz: Mara A. --August 26th
Nothing That Needs Poisoned: Abigail Leskey--August 27th
A Grimm Profession: Hazel West--August 29th

Like last time, I hope you will all join me here at Modern Bard next week to read the challenge stories!

And that leads to another:

Instead of jumping right into another long challenge, I decided to do a fun short one to end summer with. Anyone who wishes to join in is certainly welcome, I will post more specific details later, but here's a little about it:

It's going to be a Dictionary Word Challenge. I have done this before and found it to be really fun. How it works is I will pick 10 words at random from the dictionary and we will all have to write a story using all the words. 

I'll try to have specific info about this challenge up by September 1st, but if you are interested in participating, please email me or comment below with your email address so I can add you to the list of interested people. You can email me at 

Again, hope to see you next week, and I hope you will consider doing the next challenge with us too!

Slainte, Hazel


  1. Oh, sounds fun! I'm not sure I'll have time, but can you tentatively count me in?

    1. Sure :) I'll send you the email along with everyone and then you can decide whether you have the time to do it or not

  2. That sounds really interesting! I would love to participate, if I may. I would like a little more information though, if at all possible...

    1. Cool! Keep an eye out and I'll be posting more info the first week of September after these challenge stories go up :)


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