Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Author's Note/Introduction to "The Voices Beneath"

I thought I would post a little introduction for The Voices Beneath before I started to post the story itself so you could all learn a little more about it.

First of all, I'm excited to put up my first internet serial story! Yay! I will also be posting it onto my Wattpad account, so if you have a Wattpad account, you can follow the story there as well, and if you like it, maybe you can vote for or favorite it :-) And I'm going to try to post every Wednesday.

Now a little about the story itself:

The Voices Beneath is an Arthurian retelling from Mordred's point of view. I have always been intrigued by Mordred's character, as I have always seen him more as a victim of circumstance and a misguided person than an actual villain. His story always made me sad, and as usual, when I am less than satisfied with something, I like to rectify it, so this is me doing so. I'm going to warn you now, if you are a serious Arthurian scholar, and if you like things traditional, this is NOT a story for you. It has elements of the original legends, but it's really not very much like them at all, so if that bothers you, you probably don't want to read this. This is fiction, this is MY version of the story as I am retelling it; it's not accurate, and it wasn't supposed to be. I just want to make sure that's clear so I don't get a bunch of hate because of it. Everything I did in this story was very much on purpose, and if you don't like it, that's fine, but if you don't mind, then please join me for the story!

My inspiration for this story and the title (The Voices Beneath) come from a song by the amazing singer Heather Dale called Mordred's lullaby. You can listen to it on my Voices Beneath board on Pintrest here. You can also see pictures of the people I chose for the characters.

Also, each chapter will be accompanied by a sketch I did because I like to draw story scenes so I thought I would just share them with you all here. While the story is in progress, you can click on the Stories Tab and find the table of contents for this story and any others that will be posted. When I get more guest writers to feature on the blog you can see all their stories in both the Stories tab and if you want to search by author, you go to the Writer's Tab. Each new chapter of the current serial story will be accessible by clicking on the story poster on the top right. That way, if I interrupt a normal posting date with a special story or post, you can still find the current chapter easily.

I will be posting the first chapter of The Voices Beneath tomorrow, so I hope you all stop by to take a peek. And if you like it, I hope you stop by again!

Read first chapter of The Voices Beneath

Slainte, Hazel

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